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                With the aim of "Application-Driven, Interconnection of Everything", H3C Application-Driven Networking Solution (AD-NET) provides a proactive, adaptive and versatile network to achieve two capabilities: massive connection of things based on the Internet of Things (IoT), and network reconstruction based on the Software Defined Network (SDN). It creates a sustainable and massively-connected ecosystem to support the traditional industrial chain for digital transformation.

                As a leading supplier of digital solutions, H3C has launched multiple Application-Driven solutions based on SDN for Data Center (DC), Campus, and Wide Area Network (WAN), etc.

                Application-Driven Data Center (AD-DC) solution helps to realize resilient deployment of a network, and accelerates tenants isolation at cloud-based data centers.

                Application-Driven Campus (AD-Campus) solution provides the benefits for user authorization, and streamline operation and maintenance at mobile offices.

                Application-Driven WAN (AD-WAN) solution visualizes the traffic and application, and ensures the quality of key services.

                AD-NET solutions based on SDN have been widely applied in the industries of Internet, finance, government, ISPs, enterprises, etc. It provides a reliable and nimble network infrastructure for digital transformation of the society.

                H3C Application-Driven Data Center (AD-DC) solution leverages the SeerNetwork Architecture (SNA) to promote unified management and cross-domain functions. AD-DC 5.0 is H3C’s leading Software-defined networking (SDN) solution, facilitating data center automation, deployment agility, and security enhancement. It is typically deployed through a combination of H3C flagship components, including the software platform-SNA Center, SDN Controller-SeerEngine, AI component-SeerAnalyzer, H3C CloudOS, Data Center Switch S12500/9850/6800 series, and other hardware and software.

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                  H3C Application-Driven Data Center (AD-DC) 5.0 is a unified next-generation data center solution designed to support accelerated service delivery. It helps customers build an intelligent data center network that can change quickly to accommodate exponentially growing traffic and accelerated service provisioning driven by cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet.
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                  SeerNetwork Architecture (SNA) is the next-generation intelligent network architecture launched by H3C. As a core component of SNA, SNA Center provides unified management, control, intelligent analytics, and service orchestration capabilities for the entire network. Boasting a global perspective, SNA Center can coordinate resources across management domains to simplify O&M and reduce operating expenses. SNA Center provides real-time network monitoring and intent- or status-based analytics to enable automated service deployment and risk prediction, helping the network to serve critical businesses more concisely, intelligently, and efficiently.
                  Software-defined networking (SDN) is a new networking architecture that implements unified and flexible traffic management by separating the control plane from the forwarding plane. It offers a platform for core network and application innovations.

                Campus networks have great challenges in the face of increased mobility, emerging IoT and abundant applications. How to integrate applications with network infrastructure, ensure experience consistency, and simplify network management, it leads to a good subject for new generation campus solutions.

                H3C Application-Driven Campus (AD-Campus) Solution creates a new-generation flexible network infrastructure. The solution converts campus network from “user adapts to network” to “network adapts to users”, enabling users and devices to roam around campus seamlessly. It reduces complexity of network deployment and maintenance and meets the increased requirements of mobility and IoT access in campus network in digital transformation.

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                  H3C Application-Driven Campus (AD-Campus) Solution is innovative campus network solution built on SeerNetwork Architecture (SNA). The solution achieves great integration and convergence to easily reflect intent to network operation. With full lifecycle, open architecture and deep intelligence, AD-Campus is along with partner to be committed to solve existing challenges and assist customers to accelerate digital innovation and transformation.
                • Case

                  The biggest issue of the Chinese university's campus network at that time was its rigid architecture and complicated operational and maintenance workload. BYOD applications were widely adapted across the campus and wireless mobile officing had become the mainstream access mode.

                H3C Application-Driven WAN (AD-WAN) Solution adopts the architecture of SDN, rebuilds and reconstructs the conventional rigid WAN to its next generation with intelligence.

                With an open network platform, users can intelligently steer the networking resources, and visualize the applications for "one-click" implementation, fully utilizing the bandwidth and streamlining the O&M of the network.

                • Solution

                  AD-WAN (Application Driven - Wide Area Network) is a standard SDN network architecture. It is a hierarchical, open and flexible architecture, with the characteristics of intelligent traffic steering, business visualization, high reliability etc. Reduce network cost and O&M difficulty for customers.
                • Product

                  H3C Application-Driven WAN (AD-WAN) is an open, programmable, and scalable architecture. Using innovative H3C SeerNetwork Architecture (SNA) designed for digital networks, AD-WAN enables not only network wide unified network management, control, and analytics, but also provides a user-oriented, unified portal for end-to-end orchestration and unified service orchestration across networks.
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